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135, Zhibek Zholy Avenue, 11th floor
Almalinskiy district, ZIP Code A05K8B4



For more than 40 years, BYG S.A has been manufacturing spare parts for heavy construction and mining earthmoving equipment, producing a wide range of products and supplying them to customers on favorable terms in the shortest possible time. BYG S.A. has 16 divisions located both in Kazakhstan, Spain, and in many other countries: Germany, France, Portugal, Russia, India, Singapore, Nigeria, China, Chile, USA and Canada.

The cost of replacement work tools designed to penetrate the ground is a significant part of the total operating costs, and the quality of work tools is a very important factor in determining the productivity of the equipment.
BYG is an expert in this type of product, producing the widest range of replacement work tools for loaders, excavators, bulldozers and graders of all sizes and brands, with a particular focus on the mining equipment segment. BYG products are of the highest quality and are popular all over the world.

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135, Zhibek Zholy Avenue, 11th floor
Almalinskiy district, ZIP Code A05K8B4
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