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Shell Spirax S3 G 80W-90



Shell Spirax S3 G 80W-90 are long life gearbox oils designed to give new benefits based on improved levels of performance to meet the future requirements of gearboxes. Specially optimised mineral base oils and new additive technology improve lubrication of the drive train and potentially extend oil drain intervals.

Longer oil drain capability Higher reserves of additives ensure long-term protection of the gears. Longer oil life as a result of higher oxidation stability also improves oil drain intervals.

Longer gear life Clear improvement in protection against wear prevents premature failure. High oxidation resistance also prevents damaging deposit formation in the gears.

Greater efficiency Ideal shear-stable formulations give improved flow properties and shiftability at low temperatures. Optimised friction properties minimise power losses and wear, thereby also improving efficiency.

Less environmental pollution Reduced environmental damage and improved recyclability result from the significantly lower chlorine content. Markedly improved seal compatibility for increased protection against leaks.

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