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Shell Spirax S6 CXME 5W-30



Shell Spirax S6 CXME 5W-30 oil is designed to provide operators with trouble free operation and maximum reliability for the lifetime of the equipment. Spirax S6 CXME 5W-30 meets the demanding requirements of modern transmission, differential gears, final drive, oil immersed brake, reduction gears and hydraulic systems fitted to heavy-duty off-highway in all climates

Long oil life with excellent oxidation stability Premium synthetic base oil provides extra-long life and the formulation contains inhibitors to reduce oxidation and deposit formation. Tested in the field with excellent long oil life. Protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. Suppresses foaming, with improved flow properties at low temperatures, which enhances circulation and responsiveness. Excellent performance in all temperatures conditions (Multiseasons).

The synthetic blend 5W-30 is formulated to meet low temperature viscosity and fluidity requirements, providing excellent responsiveness of hydraulic components during start-up and low operating temperature conditions as well as provide excellent protection at high operating temperatures. Outstanding Frictional performance and material compatibility.

Highly consistent and durable friction performance when used with the advanced metallic and non-metallic materials found in modern systems. Minimal clutch slippage, smooth and quiet brake operation and trouble-free transmission operation.

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