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Shell Gadus S2 V220AD 2



High performance Shell Gadus S2 V220AD greases are designed for the lubrication of bearings operating under severe conditions.

They are made on the basis of mineral oils with a high viscosity index and mixed lithium-calcium soap as a thickener. The formulation includes extreme pressure, antioxidant, antiwear, anti-corrosion and adhesive additives. Shell Gadus S2 V220AD Grease also contains particulate matter (molybdenum disulfide), which provides shock resistance.

Performance, Features & Benefits

Good oxidation and mechanical stability

  • Resists the formation of deposits caused by oxidation at high operating temperatures and maintains consistency, reducing leakage.

Good corrosion resistance

  • Provides protection from the elements of corrosion.

For shock loaded conditions

  • Resists breakdown, softening and subsequent leakage under shock loads.

Good adhesion properties

  • Reduces losses and grease consumption.

Extreme pressure performance

  • Rig tests confirm EP additives in Shell Gadus S2 V220AD Greases prolong bearing life when subjected to heavy and shock loads.

Main Applications

  • Shell Gadus S2 V220AD Greases are recommended for the lubrication of shock loaded heavy duty bearings working in damp hostile conditions. They are well-suited for use in offhighway applications and also for the lubrication of fifth wheels.

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