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Head office:
135, Zhibek Zholy Avenue, 11th floor
Almalinskiy district, ZIP Code A05K8B4
Head office:
135, Zhibek Zholy Avenue, 11th floor
Almalinskiy district, ZIP Code A05K8B4

Shell Gadus S5 V42P 2.5



Performance, Features & Benefits

Advanced Extreme Pressure Grease for High Speed Bearings

  • Lower seal costs that result from the use of advanced XHVI base oils instead of PAOs and/or esters that are more compatible with seal materials allowing lower cost seals to be used while obtaining the same extended life.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the extra long service life that can be obtained in electrical motors & high speed bearings that result from the use of an appropriate thickener and selected additive technology, developed & tested by Shell.
  • Reduced cost due to the excellent performance in high speed machine tool bearings that usually employ far more expensive greases from specialist companies, this performance results from the leading edge technology that comes from investing continuously in Grease R&D.
  • The proven nature of the technology, that is evident from the approval by leading companies such as SNR, ABB, in a range of applications which grows every year.
  • The knowledge that Shell is in FULL control from Research & Development to manufacture & quality assurance in our own ISO approved plants, which are regularly audited and passed by quality conscious customers buying Shell Gadus S5 V42P.
  • Availability of Shell expertise, to assist in safely developing the cost savings available from the wide range of Shell products
  • No Health & Safety concerns, as Shell Shell Gadus S5 V42P is free from any harmful component vs EC requirements.
  • Guaranteed suitable lubrication of equipment world-wide, as this product is part of the International SeaShell range of products, which can be found throughout the world, and is actually used for electrical motor bearings in Shell oil rigs and refineries world-wide.

Main Applications

  • General Engineering, Autocomponents Electrical motors, high speed bearings (loaded & unloaded), high speed machine tool bearings, bearings of industrial fans, wheel bearings requiring high Dm ratings

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Helpdesk.

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