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Shell Rimula R3 10W



Shell Rimula R3 10W is a winter oil for diesel engines of heavy equipment.

Shell Rimula R3 is a group of seasonal mineral oils (Shell Rimula R3 10W – winter, SAE 30 and SAE 40 – summer).

Shell Rimula R3 10W oils feature is proven technology that adapts to operating conditions and provides additional protection for any specific engine or equipment requirements. Formulated with an active detergent system to keep pistons and other engine parts clean, Shell Rimula R3 10W provides wear protection to extend engine life and prevent contamination for efficient operation.

Benefits of Shell Rimula R3 10W

  • Approval of equipment manufacturers. Shell Rimula summer and winter oils R3 are approved for use in a variety of engines by leading equipment manufacturers.
  • High level of piston cleanliness. High thermal and oxidation stability of the oils ensures exceptional piston cleanliness.
  • Decrease in engine wear and increase of resource. Overall engine cleanliness contributes to reduced wear, increased component life, consistent power output, more stable performance, and lower maintenance costs.

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