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Bulldozer ZD160F-3


Engine power
131 kW (178 hp)
Operating weight
17 236 kg
Maximum torque speed
830 Nm

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    The power system of ZD160 series bulldozer is equipped with WEICHAI WD10G178E25 turbocharged engine. With fuel consumption reduced by 20%- 25%, the environmentally friendly engine features high reliability, energy-saving performance and less noise. Working together with an advanced driveline, it provides advanced power matching and high rated power. Precise and reliable electronic monitoring system enables operators to know the equipment operation condition in real time.

    The ZD160F-3 is a medium-and-low horsepower bulldozer developed on the basis of ZD160-3 bulldozer and with the reference of the advanced technologies at home and abroad, and is widely used in various engineering constructions such as energy, transportation, building, mining, municipal engineering and farmland water conservancy. A variety of working devices can be configured on it to meet the user needs; what’s more, its superior cost performance makes its application range more widely.

    The hexahedral steel enclosed cab installed on ZD160F-3 provides wide vision and can be equipped with roll over protection system and air conditioning system (cool/heat) as required by users. The elastic damping device is applied for the cab mounting surrounded by absorbent materials, which, plus the sealing effect of the interior materials, make the noise inside the cab reduced significantly.

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