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Head office:
135, Zhibek Zholy Avenue, 11th floor
Almalinskiy district, ZIP Code A05K8B4
Head office:
135, Zhibek Zholy Avenue, 11th floor
Almalinskiy district, ZIP Code A05K8B4

Bulldozer ZD320-3


Cummins NT855-C360
Engine power
235 kW (323 hp)
Operating weight
37 384 kg

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    The power system of ZD320 series bulldozer is equipped with CUMMINS NTA855-C360 turbocharged engine, boasting globally perfect after-sale service system, high reliability, long service life, low fuel consumption and less noise. It can meet working requirements for highland of 3000m above sea level and high-temperature environment.
    Precise and reliable electronic monitoring system enables operators to know the equipment operation condition in real time. The machine features user-friendly design, comfortable operation and attractive appearance.
    According to different working conditions and environments, work equipment like straight-tilt blade, semi-U blade and ripper can be installed. Falling object protective structure (FOPS) and roll-over protective structure (ROPS) are optional. In addition, air conditioning system, centralized lubrication system, engine cold start device and automatic track tensioning device are available to meet different users’ demands.
    This bulldozer is suitable for excavation operation and dozing operation of hardpan in the large-scale earthwork and is widely used for the construction operations of mines, port docks, roads, railways, coal mines, oil fields, water conservancy and hydropower, deserts, etc.
    ZD320M-3 bulldozer for desert area is equipped with air conditioning system, water tank specially designed for desert areas, widened track shoe and air turbine pre-filter system. Special ventilation and heat dissipation design is made for the engine protective cover. The three-stage air filter system, UV protective film for cab window and UV protective device for exposed hose are optional. It is suitable for working in desert areas.
    ZD320(L)-3 bulldozer for cold area is provided with intake preheater, fuel hose and fuel filter heating jacket with heating function, cab with double-glazed window, heater, large-capacity battery resistant to low temperature and seals of cold-resistant materials. It can work in -50°C low-temperature environment.

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