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Pumps Dyna-Star (CDS)

Centralized lubrication system


Compact Dyna-Star (CDS)

Compact electric Lubrication Pumps and Accessories

Compact electric pumps for heavy duty automatic lubrication and transfer systems.

Right-Sized Solution

You have a tough job. And you’re tough on the machines you use for it. The Graco Compact Dyna-Star (CDS) automatic lubrication solution is designed specifically for heavy-duty earth-moving machines in extreme work environments. It offers high capacity, flow and control for non-stop productivity – with a smaller footprint and price tag to fit everyday needs, without fail.

Pair with the GLC™ X Controller and Auto Lube™ App

The all-new Bluetooth® -enabled GLC X controller and Auto Lube app will offer easy programming and real-time data for a wide range of auto-lube systems, even competitors’ pumps.


  • Rugged Durability – Metal construction ensures trustworthy operation in the most extreme environments.
  • Integrated Auto-Fill Shut-Off – This option enables single-person, powered-down, ground-level refills, without the need to climb or worry about spills.
  • Smart Power Train – 24 VDC, brushless motor and zeromaintenance gear drive deliver lubricants on time, even at -40º F (-40º C).
  • Intelligent Monitoring – Optional pressure and lubricant level sensors provide useful system information in real time.
  • Compact Power – Fits easily in space-limited applications; powerful enough to keep up with aggressive lubrication interval.

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