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Backhoe loader B730

Backhoe loaders

Perkins / 1104C-44T
Engine power
74.5 kW (100 hp)
Bucket capacity
1.10 m³
Operating weight
7 800 kg

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    The multifunctionality of special equipment is due to the combination of an excavator and a loader. In addition, attachments can be replaced, which significantly expands the capabilities of the equipment. The backhoe loader is successfully used in the construction and agricultural industries, in utilities and other areas. The model is suitable for the following works:

    • digging of pits and trenches, channels of various sizes;
    • movement within the working platform of bulk materials;
    • loading onto dump trucks;
    • unloading of various materials;
    • landscaping, etc.

    Design features and specifications:

    The model has a high performance, which is provided by a turbocharged Perkins / 1104C-44T engine with 100 hp. The wheeled backhoe loader can travel at speeds up to 40 km / h. It is equipped with a standard PowerShift transmission, which is controlled by mechanical levers. The front wheels are 18 inches in diameter. Two wheels are steerable. In bucket operation, the vertical load is distributed between two legs that provide good stability.

    Among the features, it is worth noting that the bucket is powered by two cylinders. Thanks to them, it creates a large breakout force at the bucket edge, which allows the Bobcat B730 to operate in almost any conditions, on any type of soil. The maximum digging depth is 4.6 m. The weight of all equipment as standard is 7.8 t, and the lifting capacity is 3.5 t. The ground clearance is 400 mm.

    Main advantages:

    The cylinder heads are bolted to make maintenance easy and affordable. The combination of good maneuverability and performance makes it possible to use the Bobcat B730 for construction, repair, demolition and other work of any volume.

    The advantages of the model include a spacious driver’s cab with a high level of comfort. The operator is provided with a mechanical suspension seat, which is adjustable according to various parameters for maximum convenience. The chair is equipped with a seat belt, armrest and headrest. An air conditioner and a heater are provided as standard, which makes it possible to create comfortable conditions regardless of the weather.

    Sound and light signals make it easier to control equipment. The pluses include large exterior mirrors. A handle on the steering wheel makes it easy to operate. If necessary, both the front and rear attachments can be replaced (hydraulic hammer, drill, etc.). When working with a hydraulic hammer, rubber tires partially absorb vibrations.


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