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Amphibious excavator DX340AM

Construction machinery and equipment

Doosan DE12TIS
Maximum digging depth
7 210 mm
Engine power
185 kW (252 hp)
Bucket capacity
1.49 m³
Speed (in water)
3.5 km/h

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    The Amphibious Swamp Excavator is specially designed for maneuvering and traversing soft ground underfoot swamp areas where traditional excavators cannot go. It is extremely productive in dredging, erosion control and erosion control. The swamp excavator also provides efficient operation in waterways, river and pond shoreline construction, and can be used for maintenance and cleaning of rivers, lakes and other water projects.

    • Deepening of a channel, river channel and river mouth
    • Cleaning up wetlands in mining areas, plantations and forests
    • Building gangs for flood prevention and reclamation
    • Building gang walls for fish and shrimp ponds and salt industry
    • Cleaning of sediment from lakes, ponds and reservoirs
    • Digging trenches to install oil and gas pipelines
    • Terrain cleaning
    • Construction of marshes and wetlands
    • Road construction across wetlands.

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