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Wheel loader DL550

Construction machinery and equipment

Scania DC13
Engine power
294 kW (388 hp)
Bucket capacity
5.4~5.7 m³
Operating weight
31 125 kg
Maximum unloading height
3 285 mm

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    The DL550 is equipped with a “smart” load sensing hydraulic system. Two variable displacement piston pumps provide precise control of flow and pressure needed to create powerful and effective force, superior penetration into the toughest materials. Exceptional wheel traction is further enhanced with limited slip differentials fitted as standard. The engine is characterized by high power and torque characteristics. As a result, the hydraulic system is able to function for a variety of tasks with the required power and speed.


    From the very beginning, Doosan took great care of the machine operators. People need to work in a well thought out and comfortable environment. The large workspace provides several storage spaces. The instrumentation shows comprehensive information. There is an open view of the working area. For night work, powerful front and rear lighting is provided.


    The liquid crystal display provides the operator with information regarding the ZF transmission. At the same time, it shows the nature of the problem (if any). When servicing the forklift, a special device can be used to adjust the clutch discs to compensate for their wear. In addition, a complete transmission diagnosis can be performed by connecting a laptop computer.


    Every morning, when the operators start to work, they know that everything will go smoothly because Doosan has taken care of it. The product is very reliable. Operators know they have significant reserves at hand and do not have to push the machine to the limit. The Doosan DL550 Wheel Loader is designed and manufactured with a long service life in mind. For Doosan, “reliability” means availability, availability and simplicity.

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