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Rotary Telescopic Handler TR40250

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
4 000 kg
Lifting height
24 500 mm
Weight (unladen)
17 500 kg

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    The Bobcat TR40250 is a manoeuvrable telescopic loader that combines the capabilities of three different machines.

    Due to its relatively small size and good maneuverability, the Bobcat TR40250 loader is perfect for moving around closed areas. Most often, they are large warehouse terminals, in which this model of special equipment effectively replaces manual labor.

    360 ° swivel. Turning the loader allows for precise positioning of bulky and bulky goods to any place on the job site. This function does not in the least affect the stability of the loader, because special stabilizers are responsible for fixing its body.

    Speed ​​regulation. If a smooth and precise movement of loads is required, the operator can independently set a high engine speed, while setting the minimum travel speed of the loader itself.

    Control from the cockpit. If desired, the operator can connect the Bobcat TR40250 remote control function.

    Equipped with a four-section boom. It is capable of lifting loads to a height of 24.5 m.

    Wide viewing glass. Through it, the operator can see the entire working area.

    Comfortable cab. The loader cab has an adjustable backrest, an ergonomic control panel and a modern climate control system. The cabin is spacious and well lit.

    Quick and easy installation of attachments. Replacement equipment expands the Bobcat TR40250 with new features and allows it to operate in unusual conditions. The loader can be equipped with winches, cranes, villas, grabs, arrows and other interchangeable equipment of various types and purposes.

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