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Performance, reliability and superior results all your tough jobs.


When you depend on performance and reliability, count on Bobcat tires to deliver superior results in all job conditions.

Tire selector: Find the perfect match

Choosing the right tire for your application and terrain is important for machine performance and productivity. Try our online Tires Selector, which will make choosing the right tire easy in a few simple steps.’

Skid-Steer Loader Tires

Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders are enormously variable machines, used for many different tasks in changing conditions and environments. As such, no single tire can serve all purposes. Choosing the correct tire is important for machine traction, flotation, wear, and overall performance. Tires with the correct pattern, height, width, and ply rating will maintain proper operating efficiency and ensure the support of maximum loads.

Pneumatic Tires

Available in multiple tread patterns suited to all situations and types of terrain, delivering top performance and productivity in the toughest conditions.

  • Directional Standard Duty and Heavy-Duty tires are best suited for soft to mixed off-road conditions, where maximum traction and clean-out are priorities and the risk of punctures or tire damage is low.
  • Versatile Duty tires are Bobcat’s truly universal tire. This aggressive, long-lasting tire is best utilized on mixed to hard surfaces. It is designed to take more abuse than conventional tires, as well as provide good self-cleaning characteristics. The extra-deep tread and high lug-to-void ratio increases lifespan and reduces downtime. The non-directional tread pattern simplifies installation.
  • Severe Duty is the toughest and most durable of Bobcat pneumatic tires. There’s a good reason why it’s sometimes called “The Rock Tire”. It features an extra-deep tread and high lug-to-void ratio best suited for severe terrains. The high-quality and durable construction materials ensure exceptional lifespan, while still providing very good self-cleaning. The non-directional tread pattern simplifies installation.

Solid Flex Tire

If absolute puncture resistance is your priority, and downtime due to tires damage is not an option, then Bobcat Solid Flex tires offer you a solution. Solid Flex tires are equipped with sidewall apertures providing vibration dampening for the operator’s comfort. It’s available in various patterns to suit all jobsite conditions and terrains. The tires are delivered mounted on rims for easy replacement.

  • Off-Road Solid Flex is an alternative to Standard Duty or Heavy-Duty pneumatic tires. This tire is designed for operating in mostly soft to mixed terrain where optimum traction and puncture resistance is essential.
  • Industrial Solid Flex tire provides excellent, flat-free ride quality for mixed and hard surface applications. This is a puncture-proof alternative to Bobcat’s Versatile or Severe Duty tires.
  • Smooth Solid Flex. This exclusively hard surface tire has one purpose – maximum service life in recycling or road work applications. Use only on smooth concrete, tarmac, and similar surfaces to ensure good traction.

Telehandlers Tires

Telescopic Handlers and Loaders performing heavy-duty and high-productivity jobs rely on the stability, balance, and traction offered by their high-performance tires. Exceptional damage resistance and excellent traction, even in wet and difficult conditions, are crucial to the proper operation of your Bobcat telescopic machine.

The Telehandlers tire range is based on different types and tread patterns produced for Bobcat by the world’s top manufacturers. Each tire is selected to best suit their intended purpose. Do you need the longer life and comfort of more road-friendly patterns, or do you need maximum traction for fieldwork? Be it construction, agriculture, or waste management, there is a Bobcat tire suited for the job.

Backhoe Loaders Pneumatic Tires

Our tires are designed and selected to maximize the productivity and performance of your Bobcat Backhoe Loader. Whatever your job – digging, trenching, breaking, or material handling – we have the tire to the job done efficiently. There are 2 main categories available:

  • patterns for mostly soft terrain, off road applications
  • versatile patterns for mixed to hard surfaces

Rubber Tracks

Maximize the productivity of your Bobcat equipment with high-performing and durable genuine rubber tracks. These tracks are engineered and tested specifically for your Excavator or Track Loader. They are designed and extensively tested to not only withstand the most challenging environments, but also to deliver a softer ride and traction to bring out the machine’s full capabilities.

Bobcat Premium Rubber Tracks

  • Developed and tested specifically for Bobcat equipment.
  • Superior quality rubber tracks, identical to those used in mass production.
  • Longest service life – ideal for long hours of construction work.
  • Minimal vibrations maximize operator comfort thanks to its vibration mitigating technology.
  • Premium excavator tracks come with an extended warranty period of up to 24 months or 2000 hours, or even 36 months or 3000 hours.

Bobcat Standard Rubber Tracks

    • Ideal solution for older machines, fewer operating hours, or less demanding applications.
    • Economical alternative to Premium tracks.
    • Slightly adapted Bobcat approved tracks, developed to correspond with market value.
    • Standard Loader tracks use the same favored “C” pattern as Premium.
    • Standard tracks have an expected service life of 80% of the Premium tracks, based on usage in moderate working conditions.

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