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Telescopic Loader TL26.60

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
2 600 kg
Lifting height
5 800 mm
Max. radius of action
3 100 mm
Weight (unladen)
4 780 kg

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    The Bobcat TL26.60 is a telescopic loader designed for the transportation of heavy and bulky goods in harsh operating conditions.

    Purpose and application:

    Helping with loading and unloading is the main purpose of the Bobcat TL26.60 loader. It can often be found in agricultural enterprises, poultry farms, construction sites and any other place where there is a need for fast and safe transportation of materials or goods.

    The ability to change dimensions:

    The purchaser may request a change to the standard dimensions of the Bobcat TL26.60 loader. The cab can be positioned below standard height, making it easy to operate the loader in confined spaces with narrow openings. Another option is a high-positioned cab with a wide viewing angle.

    Equipment and controls:

    The Bobcat TL26.60 loader is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission that can be adjusted. This makes it possible to operate the device for solving non-standard work tasks. For example, thanks to the transmission, the operator can sharply or smoothly increase the power of the loader and achieve high torque. This is convenient when working with soil.

    The speed control system allows the Bobcat TL26.60 telescopic handler to move as slowly as possible without reducing its engine speed in any way. This is especially useful when operating the forklift with attachments that require low travel speeds and high accuracy.

    The Bobcat TL26.60 loader is easy to operate thanks to a number of additional features: dynamic braking, trolling pedal, automatic change of speed ranges when the device is loaded, etc.

    The quick disconnect system optimizes the installation and removal of additional removable equipment. It also provides reliable fastening and guarantees the safety of its operation together with the Bobcat TL26.60 telescopic loader.

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