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Telescopic Loader T35140S

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
3 500 kg
Lifting height
12 787 mm
Max. radius of action
9 449 mm
Weight (unladen)
9 200 kg

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    Bobcat T35140S is a telescopic front loader that is widely used for loading and unloading operations of any level of complexity.


    The Bobcat T35140S telescopic handler combines functionality, speed and reliability. These characteristics allow it to be used in:

    • housing and communal services;
    • the agricultural industry;
    • warehouse business;
    • industry;
    • construction.

    The telescopic loader is designed for loading, moving and subsequent unloading of piece goods. It has good maneuverability and performs well in open field work, where it is most often used.

    Technical and operational parameters:

    Bobcat T35140S loader:

    • Has a lifting capacity of 3500 kg.
    • Powered by a turbo-heated engine. It maintains high performance with low fuel consumption.
    • Equipped with hydrostatic transmission with electronic control. It allows complete control of the boom operation and delivers loads to the desired location smoothly and safely. The transmission is reliable and not prone to damage.
    • Supports Speed ​​Control System (SMS). It allows you to maintain a high engine speed while moving the truck itself slowly. This feature comes in handy when carrying out loading and unloading operations that require extreme precision.
    • Has small outriggers and pallet villas.
    • Equipped with frame leveling function.
    • Equipped with optional heavy duty axles.
    • Capable of speeds up to 30 km / h.
    • Remains manoeuvrable even at maximum speed.


    The boom is the main working element of the Bobcat T35140S telehandler. It is she who is responsible for lifting loads to a height of 13 m.

    The cab is an indispensable element of Bobcat special equipment. Its basic equipment includes an air conditioning and heating system.

    The Bobcat T35140S telescopic handler is equipped with a special mounting device for attaching additional attachments.

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