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New arrival of wheel loaders DISD SD300N

07 December 2020

Doosan’s DISD SD300N wheel loaders have all the advantages of 300 machines: excellent lifting capacity of -5 tons and optimal bucket volume. Excellent maneuverability and a 40 degree turning radius.

Despite the powerful Weichai Steyr WD10G220E23 (turbocharged) engine, it is capable of delivering high torque at low rpm, which can reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Also, these loaders have excellent ergonomics, are equipped with heaters and air conditioners. The cab is spacious, with maximum glass area and excellent visibility.

In this model, the brake discs have been moved to the rear of the travel gearbox where the speed is lower. As a result, the discs are subject to lower revolutions, heat generation is reduced, and the disc life is significantly increased. The design has an automatic control of the gap between the discs and this disc gap is constantly maintained at an optimal level as the disc wears out. This prevents any delay in brake response. Another convenient feature is that brake disc wear can be easily measured without disassembling the hubs.

The main difference from the DISD SD300 by Doosan is the size of the base. N Series machines offer superior maneuverability and short cycle times.

Main technical characteristics of the DISD SD300N:

  • Working weight – 16,500kg
  • Bucket volume – 2.7 m³
  • Rated load – 5000kg
  • Track 2 150mm
  • Unloading height – 3 160mm
  • WD10G220E23 engine (turbocharged)
  • Power – 162KW
  • Engine volume – 9 726 cm³
  • Torque – 92N.m / 1300-1500rpm
  • Drive max. travel speed – 38.4 km / h
  • Fuel tank – 270L
  • Hydraulic system – 260L
  • Drive type I All-wheel drive
  • Rear axle deflection angle 11 °
  • Tire 23.5-25- 16 PR
  • Maximum pulling force 164 KN
  • Maximum angle of rise 30 °
  • Max swing angle 36 °

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