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Compact track loader T650

Compact Track Loaders

Carrying capacity
1 271 kg
Lifting height
3 149 mm
Engine power
55.4 kW
Working weight
4 585 kg

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    The Bobcat T650 is a track-type loader notable for its small size and high performance.


    • Despite its compact size, the Bobcat T650 is considered a productive and powerful loader. Due to this, it is actively used under non-standard working conditions: in mountainous areas, in rough terrain, under the active influence of high and low temperatures, etc. This loader can prove to be an indispensable device for loading, unloading, cleaning, building, assembling or repairing.

    Technical specifications:

    • The most important technical element of the Bobcat T650 loader is its engine, which reaches 75.3 hp. The engine has an economical fuel consumption, which means that the time between refueling is reduced by 25%.
    • This model of a loader has an increased carrying capacity. Manufacturers have achieved this by introducing a special hydraulic system.
    • Bobcat T650 is equipped with a modern control unit called ACD. Thanks to him, the operator can keep track of the amount of time that was worked by the additionally installed equipment. It is also installed on a special mounting frame.
    • The hydraulic filter has a convenient location, which greatly simplifies the repair of the truck. Other important elements of the device (fuel tank, battery, etc.) are also located in accessible places, which allows you to quickly find faults and no less promptly eliminate them.
    • The small dimensions of the loader make it maneuverable and mobile. The machine is 3.6 m long and 2 m wide. The Bobcat T650 weighs 4.6 tons. All this makes it easy to operate on small work sites.
    • The Bobcat T650 loader is equipped with a two-speed transmission. It is she who ensures its acceleration to 19 km / h, which is a good indicator for equipment of this type.


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