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Compact track loader T870

Compact Track Loaders

Carrying capacity
1 508 kg
Lifting height
3 657 mm
Engine power
74.0 kW
Working weight
5 751 kg

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    Bobcat Т870 is the largest loader not only in the model line of its manufacturer, but also in the entire market of mini loaders.


    High performance is the main advantage of the Bobcat T870 loader, which allows it to be used for a whole range of tasks:

    • loading and unloading operations of any complexity;
    • construction operations.
    • road construction.
    • concrete supply.
    • carrying out cleaning.
    • soil compaction.
    • cleaning of territories.
    • planting trees.
    • digging pits, etc.


    • The Bobcat T870 loader is equipped with a four-cylinder transverse engine. Its power is 99 hp. This provides high tractive effort on a wide variety of surfaces.
    • Crawler-type travel adds stability to the Bobcat T870 loader. It can be operated safely in places with a lot of obstacles and sticky surfaces. Thanks to its stability, the massive loader maintains a smooth ride even in sharp turns.
    • The Bobcat T870 loader is capable of handling loads weighing up to 1500 kg. This indicator of lifting capacity is maintained even when the bucket is raised to the maximum height, which is 3 m. The loader itself weighs 4400 kg.
    • The presence of a hydraulic system increases the capacity of the loader to 90 l / min and makes it possible to equip it with a variety of interchangeable equipment, for example, a large circular saw. The loader arm has a vertical stroke, which simplifies the loading process.
    • Bobcat has paid particular attention to driver comfort while operating the loader. For its convenience, the cabin is equipped with a seat with an extended backrest and a shock absorption system. The safety bar completely eliminates the risk of injury as a result of heavy objects falling onto the forklift. In the hot season, an air conditioner works in the operator’s cab, with the arrival of cold weather, the heating system is turned on.
    • The convenient location of all important components of the Bobcat T870 loader saves time for its technical inspection and, if required, repairs.

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