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Compact track loader T770

Compact Track Loaders

Carrying capacity
1 611 kg
Lifting height
3 353 mm
Engine power
68.6 kW
Working weight
4 683 kg

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    Bobcat T770 is a kind of professional equipment that is widely used in the field of material handling operations.

    Areas of operation:

    The Bobcat T770 loader is designed for handling operations in the following areas:

    • agriculture and communal services;
    • construction;
    • repair;
    • landscape design;
    • production;
    • organization of activities for cleaning and landscaping.


    • The Bobcat T770 loader is tracked. This makes it stable when working on all surfaces, from clay soil to rocky roads.
    • The machine boom only lifts in the vertical direction. As a result, the Bobcat loader can be safely operated in small areas, and right next to other objects. He will not harm them.
    • Hydrostatic transmission guarantees high reliability of gearboxes and drives. They make the loader travel smoother, and also significantly increase its cross-country ability in any condition, including fully loaded.
    • Bobcat T770 loader has an increased track contact area. As a result, it exerts a minimum pressure on the working surface (29 kPa). Thanks to this, such a machine can be operated on well-maintained lawns and well-groomed territories, without spoiling them at all.
    • The hydraulic system of the Bobcat loader generates a powerful hydraulic flow that reaches 80.2 l / min. This allows you to install additional removable equipment on the loader and use it for solving non-standard tasks.
    • The cab of the machine is highly ergonomic and well thought out. The air conditioner and heater always keep it at a comfortable temperature. All Bobcat T770 loader controls are located in a convenient location for the operator. The emergency protection system ensures the safe operation of this model.
    • All points of regular maintenance of the forklift are in easily accessible places. Due to this, repairs and all service operations are carried out as quickly as possible.


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