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Skid-Steer Loader S530

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
869 kg
Lifting height
3 023 mm
Engine power
36.4 kW
Working weight
2 815 kg

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    For create a comfortable working environment, what is the key to effective operation of the equipment, the designers have equipped the S530 with an updated cab with an enlarged doorway and a complete set thought out to the smallest detail. So, the compartment has an ergonomic seat with an adjustment function and increased travel, there is a special compartment for storing small things, a glass holder, a 12V socket and other useful options.

    Regardless of the weather conditions outside, the bobcat s 530 compartment is always provided with optimal temperature conditions thanks to the intelligent heating and air conditioning system. The easy-to-read full-color display helps to monitor the status of all components and functions of the machine, as well as to make operation easier.

    Equipping the bobcat s 530 with a 49.5 hp Kubota V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3 four-cylinder diesel power unit, it guarantees the best work efficiency. Even at maximum load, the machine feels confident when maneuvering on various types of surfaces thanks to the boom with a vertical three-point lifting mechanism and an extended wheel-axle base. This allows the use of equipment for safe work inside courtyards, in warehouse premises with different configurations, as well as on interfloor ceilings.

    Bobcat has a wide range of attachment options to expand the functionality of the model. For example, when equipped with certain types of special attachments, the machine can play the role of a stacker-stacker, cultivator, soil aerator, cultivator at the facilities of the agricultural complex. When equipped with brushes and dumps, the loader finds application in the public transport sector in the process of cleaning territories both in winter and in summer.

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