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Skid-Steer Loader S630

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
1 040 kg
Lifting height
3 073 mm
Engine power
55.4 kW
Working weight
3 496 kg

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    The Bobcat S630 is a wheeled mini loader that has gained immense popularity due to its compactness and versatility.

    About model:

    Bobcat S630 is a budget variation of the S650. This loader is just as powerful and productive as the more expensive machine. Moreover, it is less massive and, accordingly, less carrying capacity. Another difference between the two devices is the lifting system. For the Bobcat S630 it is radial, for the S650 it is vertical.

    Where applies:

    Like more expensive counterparts, Bobcat S630 is widely used in several areas of activity at once:

    • the agricultural sector;
    • housing and communal services;
    • construction;
    • the sphere of performing repair work.

    The popularity of the loader is explained by its optimal technical parameters, small dimensions and reasonable cost.

    Detailed description:

    Externally, the loader has compact dimensions. Its working height is 3.9 m, length – 3.5 m. The unloading height reaches 2.4 m.

    The Bobcat S630 is powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine. Its power is equal to 75 hp.

    The device is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system. It interacts effectively with the engine. The hydrostatic drive allows the loader to travel at a speed of 19.8 km / h. This figure is considered the maximum.

    The S630 does not have a huge payload. This disadvantage is compensated for by its compactness and the possibility of operation on small work sites, where there is no need to lift too large consignments of goods at all.

    If necessary, the lifting capacity can be increased by installing additional attachments. There are devices on sale specially designed for this series of loaders: buckets, villas, etc.

    The Bobcat S630 loader is easy to operate and maintain. This contributes to the rapid elimination of all arising faults. As a result, the device does not stand idle, and labor productivity in the workplace increases.

    Technical specifications:

    • advanced hydraulic circuitry, which provides an optimal level of hydraulic flow for mounting attachments of increased size and weight;
    • excellent visibility, allowing to speed up the speed of loading operations;
    • operator’s cab, equipped in accordance with all requirements of comfort and safety;
    • modern controls.

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