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Skid-Steer Loader S770

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
1 569 kg
Lifting height
3 353 mm
Engine power
68.6 kW
Working weight
4 162 kg

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    The Bobcat S770 is a skid steer loader that is more than an upgrade to the S300. It is an independent project with a high degree of reliability, productivity and versatility.

    General description:

    Despite its weight of 4200 kg, the Bobcat S770 mini-loader is able to move freely at a speed of 11.4 km / h. Its length (with a bucket) is 3.6 m, its width is 1.9 m, and its height reaches 2 m.The loader handles loads weighing up to 1.6 t.Lifting its bucket takes 3.9 seconds, lowering – 2.6 seconds … Thanks to the side swing function, hydrostatic drive and overall compactness, the S 770 bobcat loader can be used in confined spaces. The lack of space does not in any way affect its stability and the safety of the transported cargo.


    The premium cab is the key differentiator of the Bobcat S770 from the rest of the series. It is larger and has a particularly large glass area, which has a positive effect on the operator’s convenience.

    The seat is located on air suspension. Control buttons are located on the armrests. The cabin of the Bobcat S770 mini-loader is completely sealed. The windows are blown off and do not fog up. When the door is opened, an additional light source is activated. The cockpit has several convenient stands for bottles and other household items. The chair can be adjusted in different directions.

    Distinctive features:

    The Bobcat S770 loader compares favorably with its predecessors due to the following features:

    • is able to work with loads of greater mass;
    • has a productive hydraulic system;
    • equipped with a diesel engine with a power of 75.3 hp. and liquid cooling function;
    • stable;
    • has good cross-country ability and can work in difficult conditions;
    • equipped with an improved cooling system;
    • able to work longer without the need for refueling (despite the increase in the fuel tank by only 18%);
    • does not emit loud noises during operation (noise level is reduced by 60%);
    • equipped with a heating and air conditioning system (their capacity is increased by 30%).

    The Bobcat S770 is a worthwhile purchase that brings together the very best of all past models. Only high-strength materials are used for the manufacture of this forklift. It is equipped with ultra-precise systems and powerful power units. If desired, the Bobcat S770 can be completed with additional equipment upon sale. This loader is compatible with more than 40 types of attachments.

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