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Skid-Steer Loader S570

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
944 kg
Lifting height
3 023 mm
Engine power
45.5 kW
Working weight
2 900 kg

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    Bobcat S570 is a versatile loader with high power and performance.

    Features of operation:

    Due to its increased stability, the Bobcat S570 loader can be an indispensable assistant when carrying out loading and unloading operations on uneven surfaces: mountain roads, steep slopes, loose areas, wet sand, etc.

    Compactness and maneuverability are two key parameters that make it possible to operate the forklift in small spaces and near other objects. This is especially useful in the agricultural and landscape design industries.

    The Bobcat S570 loader is compatible with dozens of attachments. This further expands the possibilities of its operation. For example, milling cutters allow this machine to be used for road repairs, concrete pumps open up possibilities for its use in the construction field.


    • The diesel engine of the Bobcat S570 loader has an output of 61.8 hp. This important unit is attached to the machine according to a special three-point scheme, which greatly reduces its noise level when it is switched on. For safety reasons, the engine is equipped with a fluid cooling system. Turbocharging improves performance.
    • This loader is equipped with a hydrostatic drive. It allows you to adjust the operating modes of the device and use it together with additional equipment without loss of power.
    • The Bobcat S570 loader chain guard does not require regular maintenance: the bearings are automatically lubricated and their seals are reliably protected by the wheel hubs.
    • Extended wheelbase adds stability to the Bobcat loader. It also softens the movement of the machine, which makes its operation safer.
    • The Bobcat S570 operator’s cab provides enhanced comfort. It is well lit, reliably protected from external threats and equipped with a modern control system. The air conditioner and heater keep the cab at a comfortable temperature.

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