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Skid-Steer Loader S650

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
1 282 kg
Lifting height
3 149 mm
Engine power
55.4 kW
Working weight
3 777 kg

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    The mini loader can be used not only in open space, but also in warehouses, barges or ship holds. Due to its compactness, the model is perfect for working in confined spaces, in places where the operation of large equipment is simply impossible.

    Due to its versatility and excellent technical characteristics, the Bobcat S650 is used in the construction industry and other industries to perform the following tasks:

    • loading of materials;
    • improvement of the territory;
    • movement of goods at a short distance;
    • performance of landscape works, etc.

    Main technical characteristics:

    A four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine is responsible for the excellent performance of the model. Its power is 75 hp. The motor has an extended service life, is reliable, and can easily cope with heavy loads.

    The loader weighs only 3.8 t and is small in size:

    • length – 3.5 m;
    • width – 2 m;
    • height – 2 m.

    If the Bobcat S650 is equipped with a standard bucket, the dump height is 2.5m. The turning radius is 2.1m. The model has a wide wheelbase and is equipped with pneumatic tires, so it is stable, even when maneuvering and turning.

    Another design feature of the model is the optimized hydraulic system. Thanks to her, the loader can install attachments of various sizes and weights.

    Important benefits:

    The mini loader is equipped with a special mechanism called “Bob-Tach”. It allows you to swap one attachment for another without the operator even having to leave the cab. Free access to the main components and assemblies greatly simplifies repair work and maintenance. The operator’s cab offers a high level of comfort. It is a pleasure to work with this technique.

    For the manufacture of Bobcat S650, as well as other new generation equipment, the manufacturer uses high-strength materials with excellent performance characteristics. High quality manufacturing and assembly is achieved through control using modern computer technology. Most people choose the next generation skid steer loader for its reliability, high quality, excellent build and maneuverability.

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