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Skid-Steer Loader S850

Industrial machinery

Carrying capacity
1 758 kg
Lifting height
3 657 mm
Engine power
68.6 kW
Working weight
4 540 kg

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    The Bobcat S850 is a Bobcat mini loader with the highest performance of any similar model. Such a machine is widely used for loading, unloading and transporting operations.

    Functions and capabilities:

    • raise and lower the load;
    • cleaning areas;
    • level and compact the soil;
    • to open road surfaces;
    • road construction;
    • demolish old buildings;
    • dig holes;
    • replant trees, etc.

    The use of Bobcat S850 is justified when lighter and simpler devices cannot cope with the required volume of work, and heavy equipment does not have access to the working area due to its size. In general, this loader perfectly copes with its work tasks both on the street and in closed and limited areas.

    Equipment and equipment:

    The Bobcat S850 loader is equipped with a hydrostatic drive. The transmission of the device is equipped with a separate hydraulic motor for each wheel. The hydraulic motors make the truck travel smoother and more predictable. In addition, they add stability and cross-country ability to the car.

    The Bobcat S850 loader is powered by a diesel engine. Its power is equal to 75.3 hp. The liquid cooling system makes it possible to operate the machine in humid climates or at extremely high temperatures without compromising its stability and efficiency. Bobcat S850 has a second gear function, thanks to which it can travel at speeds up to 20 km / h.

    The loader hydraulic pump boasts a high capacity of up to 87.1 l / min. If the owner of the Bobcat S850 wants to increase the flow rate to 140 l / min, then he can equip his loader with a special hydraulic system called “High Flow”. It will allow you to easily operate the machine with additional removable equipment that consumes a large amount of energy.

    The operator’s cab is equipped with intelligent and ergonomic controls. It contains a comfortable large chair. Thanks to the climate control system, the cab is always fresh and comfortable. The manufacturer also took care of the illumination of the operator’s workplace, improving it by 50%. The Bobcat S850 cab also features good sound insulation.

    The loader is compatible with a wide variety of attachments. It can be equipped with especially large equipment, such as a bucket. Thanks to him, the machine will be able to carry out garden, park and other industrial work all year round.

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