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New backhoe loader from Bobcat

The B730 M-Series Backhoe Loader is 100% Bobcat engineered for quality, reliability and exceptional repairability. Powerful hydraulics, high breakout force and intuitive controls help you achieve maximum productivity when trenching, leveling and loading. The spacious and ergonomic cab with all-round visibility makes the operator’s work easier during long shifts, helping to cope with the task at hand.

Doosan rebrands as DEVELON

Doosan rebrands as DEVELON: global changes await construction industry

DOOSAN expects the biggest change in the history of the manufacturer – Hyundai Doosan Infracore (HDI) Construction Equipment, which has become the owner of the organization since August 2021, introduced the DEVELON brand, which will replace Doosan. Under the new name, the company will launch innovative products, further strengthening a status as a world leader in construction machinery.

DEVELON is not just a brand name.

Work on rebranding began immediately after buying a portion of Doosan’s shares last year. From the beginning, HDI set a goal to develop and implement unique solutions in the construction equipment industry, developing innovative equipment and improving existing technologies.

Aspiring to be the best

The company will maintain exceptional availability of spare parts and supply equipment to official dealers in a timely manner, including in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This means that DEVELON customers will be able to receive the necessary equipment in a timely manner and undergo service without any difficulties.

DEVELON will continue to operate as a subsidiary of HDI while remaining an independent manufacturer. The main goal of the company for the next five years is to enter the top 5 world players in the construction equipment industry.

New introduction of Dusan technology!

We have come to the most powerful monsters of our work, the release of goose excavators DOOSAN DX360LCA in the new year 2022!

Excavator mirror camera DOOSAN DX360LCA for construction, industrial, landscape and other work. It is used for digging trenches to the depth of 13.8 meters, expanding sites, strengthening beregovye lines and burying materials. The equipment was expanded to allow access to remote objects.

Purchase of the special equipment on credit.

ANB Machinery is pleased to offer a special equipment on credit for business up to 50 million tenge. The decision is made by the bank within one hour.

✅ Favorable rates

✅ Minimum documents

✅ Application review within an hour

We are the exclusive distributor of Doosan, Bobcat special equipment, as well as Teksan power plants and spare parts.

New arrival of Valvoline motor oils

Congratulations!  Valvoline lubricants are now available in many of our locations.

Available for Delivery within Kazakhstan.

In 1866, Dr. John Ellis developed a petroleum-based lubricant for steam engines, and ever since, the company he started has worked to repeatedly innovate and bring only the highest quality motor oils, lubricants and cleaners to market. It’s because of this legacy and dedication to innovation that people have trusted Valvoline products in their vehicles, from the Model T to today’s newest models.

To order Valvoline lubricants please contact our Customer Service:

📞Tel. +7 771 017 77 77
📧Email: info@anbmachinery.kz
🌏Website: www.anbmachinery.kz

ANB MACHINERY an official distributor of Valvoline lubricants in Kazakhstan

We are pleased to announce that ANB Machinery LLP has become the official distributor of Valvoline lubricants in Kazakhstan!

For 150 years Valvoline has been on the leading edge of lubricants technology. From creating X-18 motor oil in 1939, to high performance racing oil in 1965 to MaxLife high kilometer oil in 2000, Valvoline has innovated to provide owners with quality products that maximize engine care.

Today, Valvoline operates a global network of research and development labs, distribution and customer services in 140 countries.

Valvoline is proud to have been the only motor oil company that could perform all five required tests for API and ILSAC petrol categories in their house engine test lab.

These advance engine test technologies allow Valvoline more freedom and flexibility to innovate for our customers.

Valvoline is always moving, continuing their longstanding tradition of value-adding innovations for users and partners.


Sales Department:

📞 Tel. +7 771 017 77 77

📧 Email: info@anbmachinery.kz

🌏 Website: www.anbmachinery.kz

Parts & Service: Doosan, Teksan, Allison Transmission, Perkins, Carraro, Cummins etc. in Almaty

The service center in Almaty is fully equipped for providing qualified maintenance services from diagnostics of troubleshooting to full restoration of specialized vehicle.

You are able to book a services like:

🔹Repair of internal combustion engines (Doosan, Perkins, Cummins, MTU, Isuzu, MB, Weichai)

🔸 Transmission repair (Allison, Clark, DANA, ZF, Carraro)

🔹 Bridge repair (Doosan, DANA, Carraro).

🔸 Repair of differentials of quarry equipment

🔹 Repair of Teksan gen-sets

All members of our team of are top qualification specialists, who on regular basis attend work-shop and seminars from the manufacturers of special equipment and spare parts.

Our target is developing long term partnerships with our clients ☝️

You can always contact our Service Desk for repairs, purchase of lubricants, spare parts and components.

For Clients in mining industry, oil industry and remote construction enterprises whose equipment located at far-field regions, we provide prompt technical on-site support of the equipment so-called “Service Support on-site”.

ANB Machinery has its own integrated fleet based on specially equipped vehicles.

The team consists of top ranking technical staff that can work on a rotational basis to be able to provide technical assistance and support on the field.

Contact Service Desk for more details:

📞Tel. +7 778 355 88 66

📧Email: info@anbmachinery.kz

🌏Website: www.anbmachinery.kz

The all-new Doosan wheel loaders, crawler and wheel excavators are in Kazakhstan

New arrival of Doosan machines are already in Almaty!

Crawler and wheel excavators, wheel loaders are available for your orders (delivery within Kazakhstan).

ANB Machinery is an official and exclusive distributor of Doosan equipment and spare parts in Kazakhstan.


Please contact our Sales Department for more information:

📞Tel. +7 771 017 77 77

📧Email: info@anbmachinery.kz

🌏Website: www.anbmachinery.kz

2020 Partner of the year Award

Summing up the sales of Shell lubricants, our company, ANB Machinery, has been highly rated “Partner of the Year 2020” by GlobalTrade Co!

Currently we offer a wide range of Shell lubricants:

  • greases;
  • hydraulic oils;
  • transmission oils;
  • engine oils, etc.

We express our deep gratitude to our customers for orders, as well as loyalty, which is growing from year to year.

We would like to thank the GlobalTrade Co team for their trust and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Doosan Infracore excavator sales in China exceeded 10,000 in the first half of 2020

Sales increased more than 10% year-over-year and monthly sales increased 23% in June.

DI has launched a 6 ton wheeled excavator optimized for the Chinese market and is highly competitive in both price and performance.

Doosan Infracore recently launched a new 6 ton wheeled excavator (DX60W ECO) to the Chinese market, further increasing the sales of its excavators.

Excavator sales in China surpassed 10,000 units in the first half of 2020, with Doosan Infracore launching a new wheeled excavator, boosting sales of the company’s excavators in the huge Chinese market.

On July 20, Doosan Infracore announced that it sold 10,728 excavators in China in the first half of 2020, the highest sales in nine years since the first half of 2011, when more than 12,000 excavators were sold in the market.

This latest success represents an increase of more than 10% over the same period in 2019, when the company’s excavator sales in China reached 9,707 machines. It should be noted that the company sold 1,320 excavators in June, achieving a huge 23% increase in sales over the previous year.

Taking advantage of the favorable situation in the Chinese market, Doosan Infracore recently launched a new 6 ton wheeled excavator (DX60W ECO).

Naturally, when it comes to working inside the city, the wheeled excavator is much more popular than the tracked excavator due to its advantage in mobility. The company’s newest wheeled excavator, which targets the Chinese market in particular, is still highly competitive due to its price.

Further design enhancements include a highly efficient hydraulic control system that improves fuel efficiency while making the machine even easier and more precise for the operator to control.

What’s more, the operator can now switch the operating mode between digging, leveling the site, and moving objects faster than before. The new excavator model also demonstrated outstanding durability and ease of maintenance through improved mainframe and component design.

“The new wheeled excavator has already been judged to outperform competing models in its class in terms of performance, convenience and fuel efficiency,” said a management spokesman for Doosan Infracore Chinaco., Ltd. “We will continue to expand our presence in the Chinese market by strengthening our online marketing activities through WeChat along with other channels.

The Chinese excavator market experienced a decline in the first two months of the year due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, but has consistently shown signs of a rapid recovery since then. Sales in the Chinese excavator market exceeded 155,000 machines in the first half of the year, surpassing the 125,000 machines sold nationwide in the first half of 2019 by a large margin.

Meanwhile, in an effort to improve local customer satisfaction with its products and services, Doosan Infracore launched its unique DoosanCARE Direct Customer Care program for two months in April 2020, but now the free service has been extended for the summer. At the beginning of the year, Doosan Infracore offered online customer service training to more than 7,300 sales representatives and technicians in its dealer network throughout China.

“We are constantly creating new business opportunities in China by launching new products and special equipment optimized for the Chinese market,” said a senior executive from Doosan Infracore. “We are also focused on strengthening our competitiveness in sales and customer services, trying to achieve continuous growth of our business in the Chinese market.”

New arrival of wheel loaders DISD SD300N

Doosan’s DISD SD300N wheel loaders have all the advantages of 300 machines: excellent lifting capacity of -5 tons and optimal bucket volume. Excellent maneuverability and a 40 degree turning radius.

Despite the powerful Weichai Steyr WD10G220E23 (turbocharged) engine, it is capable of delivering high torque at low rpm, which can reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Also, these loaders have excellent ergonomics, are equipped with heaters and air conditioners. The cab is spacious, with maximum glass area and excellent visibility.

In this model, the brake discs have been moved to the rear of the travel gearbox where the speed is lower. As a result, the discs are subject to lower revolutions, heat generation is reduced, and the disc life is significantly increased. The design has an automatic control of the gap between the discs and this disc gap is constantly maintained at an optimal level as the disc wears out. This prevents any delay in brake response. Another convenient feature is that brake disc wear can be easily measured without disassembling the hubs.

The main difference from the DISD SD300 by Doosan is the size of the base. N Series machines offer superior maneuverability and short cycle times.

Main technical characteristics of the DISD SD300N:

  • Working weight – 16,500kg
  • Bucket volume – 2.7 m³
  • Rated load – 5000kg
  • Track 2 150mm
  • Unloading height – 3 160mm
  • WD10G220E23 engine (turbocharged)
  • Power – 162KW
  • Engine volume – 9 726 cm³
  • Torque – 92N.m / 1300-1500rpm
  • Drive max. travel speed – 38.4 km / h
  • Fuel tank – 270L
  • Hydraulic system – 260L
  • Drive type I All-wheel drive
  • Rear axle deflection angle 11 °
  • Tire 23.5-25- 16 PR
  • Maximum pulling force 164 KN
  • Maximum angle of rise 30 °
  • Max swing angle 36 °

ANB Machinery “New Cooperation”

We are glad to new cooperation!

ANB Machinery is a Shell lubricants dealer, an authorized Shell Macro Distributor “Global Trade Co” LLP.

Products under the Shell / Shells trademark are supplied through the official Macro Distributor Global Trade Co LLP, guarantees the quality of the products.

We know what challenges your business faces and we understand how important it is to maintain the high performance of your equipment.

We are ready to offer an optimal solution in the field of lubricants “Shell”, which allows you to increase the efficiency of your business.

Doosan equipments on the way!

Friends, we are in a hurry to share joyful news with you!

Doosan equipments on the way!

The following models of crawler excavator will be available very soon:

  • DX 420 DX 340 DX 300 DX 200 DX 190 DX 140
  • Wheel excavator Doosan DX21

We are already taking orders!

Don’t miss the opportunity to order an excavator that is suitable for your business!

Doosan Infracore’s market share in the Middle East rose to 13.4%, doubling since 2018

– Doosan Infracore signed major contracts in the region, including a contract with ARAMCO for 20 wheel loaders at the beginning of the year.

Doosan Infracore has significantly expanded its share of the construction machinery market in the Middle East through the signing of a number of major contracts with various countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia.

On July 14, 2019, Doosan Infracore announced a 13.4% share of the construction equipment market in the Middle East for the first half of 2019 (consolidated market share at the end of May), more than doubling its market share in Last year.

Earlier this year, Doosan Infracore signed a contract with Arabian machinery, an official partner of Saudi Arabia’s state oil company Aramco, for the supply of twenty wheel loaders. Since then, the company has entered into major contracts with other Saudi construction companies to supply more than seventy 19-52 ton excavators and other equipment.

Doosan Infracore recently signed a contract to supply thirteen wheel loaders to Oman, where the need for large construction vehicles was previously relatively low. In total, the company sold over 460 construction equipment units to the Middle East in the first half of this year, increasing its sales in the region by 66% over the same period last year.

Doosan Infracore is also committed to developing sales in the non-GCC * Middle East countries. In particular, the company fulfilled contracts for the supply of construction equipment concluded with the government and private companies in Iraq, which recently launched a number of projects for the reconstruction of economic facilities.

A spokesman for Doosan Infracore said: “This achievement, largely driven by the attraction of reliable trade channels, is significant given the serious political and economic risks associated with any activity in the Middle East.” He added: “We will be focusing on the GCC countries in new region-optimized projects while strengthening our distribution networks in neighboring countries to continue to expand our presence in the region’s market.”

* GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council): A regional interstate alliance designed to enhance cooperation among six oil-producing Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

TOTAL oils for all types and brands of mining equipment

Total develops and manufactures a wide range of oils for all types and brands of mining equipment. Going beyond simple OEM compliance, Total provides a range of expert services to help the world’s largest mining companies lower their operating costs.

Improving operational efficiency is one of the most important challenges for most mining companies. Total has developed lubricants that provide optimum protection for your machinery. Thanks to Total products, you can increase the service life of components and assemblies of your machines, reduce the consumption of lubricants and extend their drain intervals, and reduce logistics costs.

For example, the use of Total Rubia Works engine oil with twice the drain interval compared to the previously used standard engine oil will allow one of the customers to save up to 40,000 euros per year on a fleet of ten 100-ton dump trucks, just by reducing oil consumption.

The effect of reduced downtime and improved operational efficiency will amount to several million euros per year.

Regular trainings at ANB MACHINERY are a guarantee of uninterrupted production!

To ensure the maximum life of your equipment, you must know how to operate it correctly.

Regular trainings and other qualification events for service and technical personnel are one of the main guarantees for the smooth operation of production.

Regular training in our training center will improve the efficiency of equipment use and bring your employees to the next level.

The main tasks of the training center:

  • Train participants in the training on various approaches to the process of working with a client;
  • Develop effective service skills;
  • Introduce high standards of customer service.
  • To achieve the set goals, various methods are used to achieve maximum efficiency:
  • Intensive training based on hands-on skills development;
  • Group and individual exercises;
  • Brief theoretical and methodological materials.

The undoubted advantage of training is the ability to exchange experience between instructors and participants, optimization of proven methods for the customer’s service team.

We do not just sell equipment, we help bring your business to a new level!

Backhoe loaders Manitou TLB 818S in stock in amount of 8 units

Backhoe loaders manitou in stock, 2 units in Atyrau as well as 6 units in Almaty.


The high performance of the loader is one of the features that differentiate Manitou machines from the competition. The 818S Series has higher breakout forces on the bucket and loader boom than many in its class, allowing for stress-free handling.

The highest level of loading efficiency is easily achieved with a 1.0 m3 bucket equipped with teeth.

Low fuel consumption: The PERKINS engine installed on the 818S series machines is one of the most economical and durable in its class.

  • Performance loader – Standard shovel / 7-in-1 bucket shovel
  • h23 – Maximum unloading height at 45Â ° (mm) – 2 708/2708
  • h24 – Maximum loading height over the sides (mm) – 3 310/3319
  • h25 – Maximum height to the hinge pin (mm) – 3 550/3550
  • r2 – Horizontal reach at full height (mm) – 1282/1282
  • r3 – Horizontal reach at full height at 45Â ° (mm) – 829/828
  • p3 – Digging depth below ground level (mm) – 156/156
  • Rollback at ground level (deg) – 45/45
  • Maximum discharge angle (deg) – 57/57
  • h26 – Maximum working height (mm) – 4230/4298
  • Bucket breakout force (kgf) – 4756/4580
  • Breakout force of arrows (kgf) – 4685/4345
  • Lifting capacity at full height (kg) – 3465/30583

Doosan Infracore Signs PSI US Supply Contract Extension

– To supply Doosan natural gas engines as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) until 2023.

– “Proven market competitiveness will enhance the synergy between the two companies.”

On October 4, Doosan Infracore announced that it had reached an agreement with Power Solutions International (PSI), a US generator motor company, to renew its engine supply contract.

Through a contract extension, Doosan Infracore has committed to supply PSI with 8.1-22 litre LNG engines for generators until 2023, the amount of supply will depend on market conditions.

Doosan Infracore and PSI have had a business relationship since 2008. PSI markets Doosan Infracore engines as LNG generator engines emission-optimized for the North American engine market and continues to increase sales to major generator companies as well as other companies in the oil and gas sector of the continent.

Vice President Junho Yoo, Head of the Doosan Infracore Engine Division, said, “The renewal of the supply contract with PSI, one of the leaders in the global gas engine market, confirms the exceptional competitiveness of Doosan Infracore in the global marketplace”, and added: “We will create an even closer cooperation network with the company to further enhance the synergy between us”.

“It’s great to do business with Doosan Infracore”, said John Miller, CEO of PSI. “Through the partnership between our two companies, we can produce outstanding engines, which in turn allows us to confidently create a long-term development plan”.

Doosan Infracore announced that it has reached an agreement with PSI, a US-based generator engine manufacturer, to renew its engine supply contract.

(Photo) 22L Doosan Infracore LNG engine supplied to PSI.

Doosan Infracore Europe set the highest sales record with 548 construction vehicles in September

– The highest record annual sales in 2019 thanks to impressive performance in the UK, the Benelux countries, France and Italy.

– Increased market competitiveness through dealer-focused sales strategies and active use of SNS.

Doosan Infracore has once again set a new record for its construction equipment sales in the European market, showing a clear picture of growth on the continent.

On October 24, Doosan Infracore Europe announced that it sold 548 construction vehicles in September, it is the highest monthly sales in history. Moreover, Doosan Infracore Europe sold a total of 3,254 construction vehicles up to and including September, which is the highest sales rate in any nine months ever.

Doosan Infracore Europe recently signed contracts with CEMEX and Beuloc for the supply of 100 wheel loaders and 80 excavators respectively. Additionally, market shares for its flagship construction vehicles – 14-tonne excavators and wheeled excavators have grown to the top or second in major European markets such as the UK, the Benelux countries* and Northern Europe.

*Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The growth was most notable in the French and Italian markets. On a cumulative basis registered through the end of September 2019, Doosan Infracore Europe achieved 41 % and 40 % growth against the previous year in France and Italy, respectively.

A key driver of Doosan Infracore impressive performance in the European market is its local sales strategy. Doosan Infracore headquarters expanded the mandate of the sales departments in charge of the European market and supported them in creating their sales and profitability analysis system so that local sales representatives can make the most effective decisions faster.

The increased use of social networking services (SNS) also played a significant role. Doosan Infracore Europe staff worked tirelessly to communicate directly with their customers and search for potential customers using SNS, which effectively led to the placement of orders for construction machines – a clear proof of the tangible result of such efforts using digital technologies.

“Despite the challenging market environment, we continue to set new sales records, surpassing the records set in 2007, thanks to the company’s strategy of rapid deployment and timely decision making”, said Gilles Bendaoud, responsible for sales at Doosan Infracore Europe. “We will improve direct communication with our dealers and customers, improve the marketing of our new Stage V optimized machines and achieve an even higher position in the European market”.

Doosan Infracore participated in the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair, Bauma 2019, held in Munich, Germany in April, and showcased its latest construction machinery and cutting edge technology.

The first in the world!!!

Doosan Infracore successfully demonstrated the new “Concept-X” project at its test site in Boryeong on 20 November 2019. “Concept-X is a comprehensive inspection solution that can be used to survey the topography of a pit workspace. This was done with the help of three-dimensional scanning of the terrain by drones. In real-time, the drones made topographic plans based on the data received, which made it possible to operate construction equipment without human intervention. Doosan Infracore was the first in the world to do this, demonstrating the entire process from surveying to the operation of construction equipment using unmanned and automated technologies.